Elin Már Øyen Vister

29.-30.11: Pluriversal conversations: anti-/non-/post-extractivist culture 

Pluriversal Radio (mirko nikolić (RS)/akcg (SE)/Elin Már(NO)) + invited artist/researchers/speakers in collaboration with Routa (FI) at Generaattori, Kajaani (FI)


8-10.11: Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow (RU), Weekend Faculty presents: "Radio Hopes and Dreams  - Let´s Talk about Climate, baby! Moscow edition, featuring Elin Már in collaboration with Diana Burkot, Lölja Nordic and local participants



21.-25.10: "Pile O´Sápmi - Ealáskan", Insomnia festivalen, Tromsø/Rommsa,

Máret Anne Sara in collabortion with Elin Már Øyen Vister



4.11: Tallinn Photomonth, "Let the field of your attention…. soften and spread out" program, 21.09–01.12.2019 at Kai Art Center. Site-specific sound walk by Elin Már


1.9.-31.10: Nida Art Colony Lithuania (LT), Research and pre-production AiR stay for group exhibition summer 2020, curated by Rado Istok (CS). Part of the From Conflict to Conviviality through Creativity and Culture


24.8.2019: Omfavnelser, group exhibition finissage Under føttene dine (Rake) - Raken juelkiej nuelesne (RAKE), sound walk, 17.30 at RAKE Visningsrom, Trondheim/Tråante, NO/Sápmi


17.8.2019: Sirkelens historie forteller / Gievlien mujttalis mujttale, Akt # 2 for Vindelälven-Juhtatdahka biosfärinvigning, Elin Már m. Sara-Hélen Persson (Sábmie/SE) og Natali A.Garner (NO), Väven, Umeå/Ubmeje


5.8.2019: "Drive in for Lydkunst" at Varangerfestivalen, Opening Monday 5th of August at 19.00 hrs at Vadsø Kunstforening. Elin Már Øyen Vister contributes with a short text + 5 minute sound work: "Skierru - Krykkje - Kittiwake" (https://www.varangerfestivalen.no/artister/drive-in-for-lydkunst/#.XUe25ZMzZyA)


15.6.2019: I am honored to take part in The Parliament of Bodies (Conceived by Paul B. Preciado and Victor Neumann for Bergen Assembly) this coming Saturday the 15th Of June, in Bergen (NO) from 7pm-7am.



7.6 - 25.8.2019:

Under føttene dine (Rake) - Raken juelkiej nuelesne - Beneath you feat (RAKE)



Rake Visningsrom, (Trondheim / Tråante) NO/Sápmi

Omfavnelser, group exhibition feat. Elin Már Øyen Vister, Jacob Jessen, Edvine Larssen and Magdaléna Manderlová


15.5 - 7.7.2019

Exhibition Opening of Let the River Flow: The Sovereign Will and the Making of a New Worldliness, 18.00 at Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš, Kárásjokha (NO/Sápmi) The SDG version of the exhibition Let the River Flow: The Sovereign Will and the Making of a New Worldliness is curated by Raisa Porsanger, with Kristoffer Dolmen as project manager. The exhibition was produced by the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA): the original version in Oslo was curated by Katya Garcia-Antón and Antonio Cataldo, and the advisory committee comprised the Sami scholars Associate Professor Harald Gaski and Dr. Gunvor Guttorm. Exhibition design: A-lab (Káre R. Anti) and Torsteinsen Design.



13.02.2019:  Pile o´Sápmi: ealáskan , Barents Spektakkel, Kirkenes /Girkonjárga (NO/Sápmi)

Máret Ánne Sara in collaboration with Elin Már Øyen Vister 


5.2–22.4 2019: Let the River Flow: The Sovereign Will and the Making of a New Worldliness at Tensta Konsthall (SE)